Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ways to send SMS to Philippines for Pinoy Abroad

There are many ways to send SMS to Philippines for Pinoy abroads. Whether its cheap or free at all. Most of them require access to internet. Internet has gained its popularity that you can easily gain access to it publicly of in the comfort of your own household.

On top of the list will be , This is a very friendly messenger that allows you to send SMS back home for free and when your friends or family send you a reply message to your chikka account they will be charge for a very cheap price of 2.50 pesos which is nothing compare to 10-20 Pesos when you use the international Service of the Globe and Smart. The only disadvantage of chikka is it's limitation. If you will not receive any reply you have to wait for the next day to replenish your free text message.

If you are working in the middle east. is good for you. You can send SMS to Philippines and to your local place as well such as Kuwait and UAE.Service is totally free. The disadvantage of this service is that there is no reply facility, the other party need to reply to your international number or your roaming number.

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