Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kapamilya News: ABS-CBN Suspends Willie Revillame

Goodbye willie!

Despite Kris Aquino’s acceptance of Willie Revillame’s apology and ABS-CBN’s acceptance that it caused the problem that Willie complained about, the Kapamilya Network sanctioned Willie by asking him “to go on leave” starting today. Willie preempted it by not reporting to Wowowee last Saturday and taking a leave. In human resource management, being asked to “go on leave” is often the polite term for suspension.

But Wowowee Creative Director Edgar Mortiz denies the suspension when asked by STIR. He says, “Hindi. Magpapahinga siya mga one week lang.” This is not the same as what Wowowee Director Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan’s said that Willie had been asked to go on leave for two weeks.


As STIR reported last Wednesday (Read here), Willie asked that the live streaming of the transfer of Cory Aquino’s remains from Greenhills to Manila happened because of ABS-CBN’s decision to air it while the show was airing. Channel 2 head Cory Vidanes admitted it was “a lapse in production” in its intention to provide the public a straight coverage of the transfer.

Willie had previously volunteered to Entertainment Production head Linggit Tan not to air the Wowowee to avoid dishonoring Cory. It was accepted but was eventually overruled by top management (either Gabby Lopez, Charo Santos-Concio or Cory Vidanes or a combination of any of them), leading Willie to ask the live streaming to be removed when the glaring contrast of merry-making and sorrowful transfer started to happen on nationwide television. As expected, Willie critics panned him without understanding what happened.


Why has ABS-CBN not issued an official statement about the incident? When STIR asked Kathy Solis who is in charge of Wowowee’s publicity on the side of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications last Tuesday, she answered “there’s no instruction to issue an official statement.”

Corpcom head Bong Osorio in unavailable as had been in a sightseeing tour of Hong Kong since Friday. He thought Willie had explained himself well so there’s no need for an official explanation. The public, however, is interested to know ABS-CBN’s stand on the issue.

For this reason, Willie thinks ABS-CBN did not support him.


Dee Dee Siytangco probably forgot Cory Aquino’s gone and she has no more need for a spokesperson. She issued the statement: "It is regrettable and a crass attempt to desecrate the memory of the beloved Tita Cory."

She did this without specifying if she is speaking in behalf of the Aquino family or she’s doing it on her own. There has been no announcement from the Cory children that she is their spokesperson. In fact, they largely did not depend on her in the last days of the beloved Ex-Pres.

Where did Dee Dee get her authority to comment about Willie? Only a member of the Aquino family has the right to comment on such a sensitive issue. Her opinion does not matter in any way. Kris Aquino had accepted Willie’s apology and as she puts it, “End of the story.”

But Dee Dee’s reaction is similar to the reaction of do-gooders and freeloaders like Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, MTRCB Chair Conzoliza La Guardia, the unknown Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamamahayag, Eat...Bulaga! paid hacks, and wannabee writers of the social networking accounts from doing a demolition job.

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